Write a tumblelog application with flask and mongoengine ensure

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How to let a Reference Field accept multiple Document schemas in MongoEngine?

Compartir. Imprimir. Write a Tumblelog Application with Flask and MongoEngine. The application must ensure that when a user increases the quantity of an item, in addition to updating the carted entry for the user’s cart, that the inventory.

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The course goes through the process of building a social web application using Python Flask and the most popular document store database in the market: MongoDB.

We will go over modeling best practices, how to build efficient indexes and how to interact with it using the popular MongoEngine ORM.

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Whenever I edit a form using WTForms, rather than it updating the record, it adds it as a new record. I have replicated this in the Flaskr example app so it must be something I am doing wrong but I.

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Write a tumblelog application with flask and mongoengine ensure
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Python - How to let a Reference Field accept multiple Document schemas in MongoEngine?